iotInternet Of Things

HW design

Our work in the IoT has two parts the hardware, sensors and actuators design and the SW required to configure and collect the information in an IoT network. Here are some of the recent IoT projects.

    • Sensors and HUBs
    • Sensors design, wireless, battery-less, very small
    • Energy harvesting
    • NFC, BLE, WiFi, Thread
    • HUB based on Arduino, Intel Edison etc. processors
    • iBeacon design
    • Antenna design
    • Microphone arrays
    • Remote cameras
    • Support for automatic recognition and addition to IoT network
    • Wireless and low power technologies

SW design

The success in implementing the IoT system in a smart home or an office has two parts: the quality of sensors and the quality of SW. They both need to allow configuring and controlling the network and collecting the data. Here are some of the projects:

    • Home automation, sensors network, connecting to Internet
    • Communication protocols MQTT, CoAP, 6LoWPAN, …
    • Servers for IoT, configuring and controlling the network
    • Programs for controlling the network, web, Android, IOs
    • Sensor management, ID generation, templates for control, etc.
    • Internet databases for sensors
    • Security
    • Personalization
    • Autoconfiguration
    • REST APIs
    • Hypermedia types for self discovery and autoconfiguration