eClub 2019

Work on interesting real industrial problems during the academic year 2019 in the eClub. Get the project specification from our partners and learn from experienced mentors. Make the eClub project your semestral work, the BSc or MSc thesis, get credits. Focus on practical problems and achieve real results. Experience a large computer cluster. Enjoy a scholarships. 


The eClub is focusing mainly on the following technologies. See the last year projects. Upon request we may support other projects too.  See the “How to select a project” section to learn the details.

People generate huge amounts of data Big Data. Machine learning is the primary technology for extracting the information. We use hadoop, mapreduce on large cluster for data mining, ranking the search results, anomaly detection, neural networks, boiler plate extraction etc.

We include the advanced WEB and Mobile applications and IoT to internet block. Develop new conversational applications. Build on using our Alquist and YodaQA. Work on new types of sensors with very low energy consumption. Create interesting applications combining new UI an context.

We are inviting all students from any Czech university with new ideas for new innovative applications. We are also ready to support research projects and startups. We want to create students teams with many different backgrounds. Write us or visit us, we are open for all active people.

Joining eClub

What is eClub 2019

eClub 2019 is an activity organized for students who want to work on high tech projects during the academic year. Make your project a semestral work of BSc, MSc thesis, earn credits.

Where or how do I get informed about the eClub 2019?

Fill in the “I am interested in eClub 2019” form. We will keep you posted about the details.

Who can join eClub 2019?

eClub is for students, foreign students, doctoral students studying at the 2019 academic year at any Czech University.

When does the eClub 2019 start?

We opened the eClub 2019 in October 1st. You can join based on your convenience any time.

How do I join eClub 2019?

First register. Second select a project. Then you need to fill in the Contract. The form will mail a pdf Contract. Print two copies, sign them and bring them with you at the first day. We need the information because of a legal requirements, to be able to pay the scholarship.

Where does the eClub 2019 take place?

The eClub is located in a scientific incubator in the CTU – CIIRC building, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3, 160 00 Praha 6.

What is the scientific incubator?

The scientific incubator is a common space shared by all eClub participants located in Dejvice in the new CTU – CIIRC building, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3.

Where is the scientific incubator located?

In 2017, the scientific incubator was moved to the new CTU – CIIRC building located on Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3, 160 00 Praha 6. The building was designed and constructed as truly progressive smart object and you can easily find it just next to the main CTU campus. 

What are the commitments and benefits

How much time do I have to spend in ESC?

We require a commitment of a minimum one semester in the eClub incubator on an agreed project.

What are the working hours?

We require you to work from the CTU – CIIRC building at least one day a week, i.e. minimum 8 hours. Working from the incubator has the benefit of meeting with you peers, mentors, discuss your project etc.

Do I get any money?

Yes, we will support student with a monthly scholarships of total per month 3000 CZK – one day, 6000 CZK for 2 days and 9000 CZK for three days a week. We reserve the right to cancel a scholarship if the project milestones are not met.

Can the scholarship be canceled?

We expect all students will be interested in working on chosen projects and we do not expect we will have to apply any extreme measures, but in cases the project is not progressing, the student is not coming to the incubator, the student is not reporting properly or he/she is not meeting the expectations, we reserve the right to cancel the scholarship.

What is CVUT MediLab?

CVUT MediaLab is a foundation working with industrial partners. They are funding the ESC activities and proposing projects. The main partners are Seznam, Certicon, Skoda Plzen, Jablotron, Altron, Alza and others.

Is someone going to help me with the project?

eClub will provide experienced mentors to help getting productive as soon as possible. We will organize presentations about new technologies, entrepreneurship introductory talks delivered by top experts etc.

What are the other activities?

We will organize a weekly general assembly to meet and present to all peers the progress of your project. We will also organize occasionally presentations about technology and busienss.

How to select projects

How to select a project?

The project selection is the most important step and therefore we want to pay a lot of attention in helping you to choose the right project. Visit us and we will help and discuss what is the best project for you. We will explain details and introduce mentors. We are available for visits every Wednesday between 13:00 – 15:00 in the CTU – CIIRC building, A-415, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3, 160 00 Praha 6. Best, arrange an appointment by email:

What can I work on?

Get some high level idea about the technologies before your visit. You may chose from a large number of interesting industrial projects. Generally speaking the projects are very practical, mostly defined by MediLab partners. See the last year projects.

Can I work on my own idea?

Yes, we also be happy to support students with their own ideas as long as they fit to our program. Therefore we reserve the right to reject some of suggestions.

Who is going to help me with the project?

eClub will provide experienced mentors to help getting productive as soon as possible. We will organize presentations about new technologies, entrepreneurship introductory talks delivered by top experts etc.

What is the infrastructure?

You will gain access to a large computer cluster. You need to bring your own laptop.

Can I work in a team?

We also welcome teams with their own interesting projects.

I am interested in building a startup, can I join?

We welcome student intending to create a startup, teams are also welcomed.

How do we work

What are the project milestones?

In one week after signing a contract and joining the eClub, the student has to produce an essay. The essay will be submitted along with a link to your picture. Before you really start to solve the project problems we will suggest to get acquainted with technology and write a survey – discuss with your mentor. The project will be finished with a project report (discuss with mentor) and a final presentation (submitted on line). Students will be asked to present at a MediaLab Workshop.

What is an essay?

It is a short document describing your project. The main purpose of the essay is to explain in common words what is the problem and why we need to solve it. It should also make clear who are the customers who will benefit from the solution. The essay should not be more than halve of the A4 page long. The text will be placed to the Projects section of the ESC web.

What is the final presentation?

We will ask you to prepare a final project presentation. The presentation will be in a standard ESC format. The first page includes the name of the project and your name. The second page is an abstract very similar to an essay. It will be printed in the Medialab Workshop proceedings. It will summarize concisely your project and the achievements. Make it minimum 50 and maximum 100 words long. The next pages will go through the project in finer details. See the template with explanation.

What is general assembly?

Every week we will meet for a general assembly. Every student working in ESC will be shortly reporting about the project progress. The main reason of this meeting is to inform your peers about the progress of your project.

What are short presentations?

We expect you joining this event with short max 5 minutes report about your progress. No formal preparation required. 

What are the project pages?

All what you do will be documented on our main web. Every participating student will have a photo, project name, essay and snippets on the web People page.

How is my work evaluated?

We will continuously check your snippets about the progress. Student will be in touch with a mentor. We will evaluate your short presentations and participation in all other events.

What is the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Some of the projects may be for our partners, who wants to keep some part of it confidencial. In these cases we will require signing an NDA.

What is the CVUT MediaLab Workshop?

Every year usually in November we are organizing a CVUT MediaLab workshop. This is a meeting of all students participating in the eClub and our partners. We use these occasion to present projects to our partners as well as general public.

I am interested in creating a startup

eClub and CVUT Medialab is also supporting creation of students startups. If you have an entrepreneurial idea and a team of students to work on we will help you. The Scientific Incubator offers space, infrastructure, initial investment and mentors. We will be happy to provide technological as well as entrepreneurial guidance. We work with investors and we can introduce you to get the seed money.  If you have a proposal for business and you are interested to work hard we are here to help you.

Read more about Startup here!

Where to find us?