Do not look for part time job work for the university

Jan Sedivy September 23, 2016 at 7:00 am

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eClub is extending the Summer Camp for the whole academic year. This is an early information.

The eClub Summer Camp is in its third month. This year we have more than twenty members. It is a little less than last year but the projects are much more focused. The mentors are more effective, they have learned how to lead. Overall we have accomplished much more.

The success and the high quality of projects have ignited an idea to extend the eClub throughout the whole academic year. We will offer students scholarships starting from the October 1st through the whole academic year 2016/17. We are preparing joined labs with our partners Seznam, Jablotron, Asseco, GoodBaby and many others. Our joined labs are located in the new CVUT building in the Dejvice campus, everybody will get a seat and table. You will save the commute time. eClub and the partners too, are looking for innovative ideas and interesting projects. We also want to make the projects semestral works or final thesis to let you earn credits. Working with leading companies is a great entry to CVs. eClub will provide scholarships and we also will offer a complete infrastructure including large computer clusters. Each student will have a mentor helping to get over the usual problems no to get stuck.

We will offer similar projects as during the Summer Camp. Mainly from the field of artificial Intelligence, IoT Industry 4.0 and BigData. We do not want to limit our activities to this fields only, come and ask. We are inviting students from all Czech Universities. We also will support startups.

Work for the leading companies in a university joined labs. Make enough for your living. Work on great projects. Follow our FB, and blog, stay tuned for further information.